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La GC Peiner System nasce negli anni ‘80 dalla collaborazione progettuale con la Peiner AG di Peine, in Germania. Dispone di 2 sedi produttive e diverse esposizioni in Italia e all’Estero. Le sedi sorgono su di un’area di circa 32.000 mq con una superficie coperta di 12.000 mq. Al loro interno si trovano i reparti di carpenteria, meccanica, saldatura, montaggio e verniciatura nonchè il laboratorio elettrico ed elettronico. La progettazione è interna.

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The G.C. S.r.l. Peiner System was born in the 1980s from the design collaboration with Peiner AG of Peine, Germany. It has two production sites and several exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Inside of the factory there are the departments of carpentry, mechanics, welding, assembly and painting as well as the electrical and electronic laboratory. The design is internal.

G.C. S.r.l. Peiner System

IT ALL STARTED IN 1973 when Armando Cipriani, young business man, having many new technological ideas, decided to plunge into the tower crane manufacture. With the available capitals of that time he could just set up a simple “Mechanical Workshop Armando Cipriani S.p.A. “.

But that was the time in Italy for intensive economic growth and this was his fortune. Cipriani was saying that tower cranesare like cigarettes. Once you ‘taste’ one, you’ll never be able to stop.And this ‘love’ and great desire for a successful new business gave birth to our mother-company, still devoted to constantly improve its background and experience, like Mr. Cipriani always did.

EARLY 1978the small mechanical workshop ‘Armando Cipriani’ started a cooperation with the Germany company ‘Peiner AG’ and from such joint work it came out the first tower crane model ‘MK120’. The initials ‘MK’ take origin from famous magician ‘Mandrake’ cartoon character, know for his mantle. Our tower crane mast sections, MK series, are designed and shaped like a mantle. The factory was located in Pollena Trocchia, nearby Naples, on a 32.000 sq.m. area. All facilities cover about 12.000 sq. meters.

IN 1981 ‘Armando Cipriani’ was able to establish some branches throughout the domestic market in Salerno, Rome, Palermo, in addition to the existing headquarter in Ancona. After this time the company started to produce its own tower cranes with a Peiner System design, which has become the present, registered trade-mark.

IN 1986 he renamed the company “G.C. S.p.A. ”, meaning “General Cranes”, but much more devoted to improvements and expansion to foreign markets, in particular the German market, where the product took origin, as well as Far East Asia.

IN 1997 the company was taken over by a group of private shareholders: Carmine Maione, the present legal chairman, Ciro Busiello and Antonio Colantonio.

Currently the company is managed by a Private Partner, the manufacturer owns two production plants and has several representative offices in Italy and abroad.

The company mission step by step becomes the conquest of the international market as: Canada, China, United Arab Emirates, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Spain, United States, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and other. The corporate objective is still the consolidation of the

the constantly presence of G.C. S.r.L. Peiner System in the aforementioned markets, let be always attentive to the development of emerging countries. The company offers a quality product, the result of a hard development process ranging from the qualification of the staff to the training of the staff themselves, from the procurement of materials to the choice of components, up to control over the finished product, such as certification ISO 9001: 2008 requires: with priority to the Far East and Continental Europe from which it took its roots.



Company today

In 2015 G.C. S.r.l. Peiner System to increase its competitiveness in a sector which was in crisis, has opened a new branch abroad; company was aware that is required a great synergy at the basis for the consolidation and development of the company.

To this end, the company’s share package was taken over by a Private Shareholder in 2016. The final aim is to increase the production of new CRANE models. In addition the consolidation of the presence on international markets, in particular in Eastern Europe, through local production units to limit transportation costs, customs and custom local taxes.

This allows at least the presence and assistance in the various countries of the world. The company capacity therefore to always get involved, to be attentive to continuous examination of the market’s requests, evolutions and needs, attention to the “quality system” and maintenance, no less important fact before and after-sales assistance, some of the strengths points of the G.C. S.r.l. Peiner System.

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G.C.S.r.L Peiner System stands out for its constant and decisive after-sales support, ensuring rapid technical assistance